​Episode 029

The giant port city of Karachi, Pakistan, is at a standstill. Vehicles are burning, the British consulate under siege conditions; and all over the arrest of a British man from west London. Altaf Hussain was arrested this week after a long-running inquiry which involved a strange death and piles of unaccounted-for money. While inquiries continue, Atlaf and his supporters fiercely deny any wrongdoing on his part. Joining Sputnik this week to discuss these extraordinary events is leading London barrister Aisha Jamil.

And in part two, as the dwindling number of surviving D-Day veterans mark the 70th anniversary of the opening of a second, Western front in WWII, we discuss perhaps the most significant day in European history with military historian Max Arthur OBE. Hundreds of thousands of Allied forces crossed the English Channel and invaded Nazi-occupied France at Normandy successfully fooling the Germans who expected a landing further east. The beaches of Normandy were stained red, the heroism of the attackers’ legend. And, at the end of that momentous day, despite enormous sacrifice, the Western Allies landed and the tide of the war began to turn.

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