​Episode 028

The president is dead - long live the president. It's becoming quite a habit: first in the Ukraine and now in Egypt. President Mohammed Morsi barely got a year with which to apply his democratic mandate before a military coup hiding behind genuine popular grievances overthrew him. And now General Sisi, who has already been ruling the country as the head of a military junta for nearly a year, will be called president as a result of an election which most Egyptians boycotted. Joining us this week to discuss the crisis in Egypt is one of the Muslim world's most important analysts, Dr Anas Altakriti, head of the Cordoba Foundation.

And in part two we look east toward China. Fast becoming economically the most powerful country in the world, its success is increasingly pilloried by the Western political class and their media echo chamber whose hegemony it threatens. Jude Woodward knows more about China than most; She frequently lectures there and is the author of a forthcoming and much anticipated book on the subject. So we invited her into the Sputnik studio to help us look beyond what the mainstream media has to say.

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