Episode 025

For decades the Nehru family bestrode India like a Colossus. The founder of the dynasty led the independence struggle, his daughter, Mrs Ghandhi’s clung to the policies. She succumbed to an assassin as did her son Rajiv. Now, Rajiv's widow, Italian-born Sonia is the power behind the “New” Congress throne. Could she be paving the way to the possible re-emergence of a powerful adversary - Narendra Mohdi and endanger the very unity of the country? This is just one question we ask prominent British political activist and civil rights campaigner, Suresh Grover as we try to understand today's India.

And, in the run up to elections in Britain we look at thewave of Islamophobia washing over the country; Independent Mayor Lutfur Rahman is embroiled in a bitter re-election campaign under state-sponsored fire from the BBC and the Communities and Local Government minister; in the Midlands, former Commander of the Anti-terrorism police has been sent to investigate a “Trojan horse” plot by Muslim parents to oust head teachers and, last week from the pulpit of Bloombergs, Tony Blair declared an Orwellian type war on Muslims worldwide. Coming elections are certainly hotting things up. Innayat Bungawala,founder and chair of Muslims4UKhops on board Sputnik to help us take the temperature.

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