​Episode 002

This week George Galloway MP is concentrating on conspiracies and emerging conspiracies…

In part 1, the show looks at John F Kennedy and the 50th anniversary of his assassination. The guest, Michael Yardley is a former British Army officer, author and weapons expert. He test-fired from the Texas Book Depository in Dallas in order to determine the possibility of Oswald being the lone gunman. He is also the author of a major investigation into the assassination of Robert Kennedy.

In part 2, conspiracy theories are dovetailed into a discussion on the Iraq War and the emerging of potential conspiracy theories surrounding the Chilcot Report. This comes in the wake of revelations that phone calls between George W Bush and Tony Blair have been withheld. George Galloway interviews the Rt. Honorable David Davies MP, a former Home Office and Foreign Office minister in the Major government and runner-up to David Cameron for the Conservative Party leadership. Mr Davies is also a former British Army officer.