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Winning the anti-doping battle

Nikolay Durmanov, Chief of the Anti-doping inspectorate at the Russian Olympic committee

1958 - Born in Khabarovsk
1982 - Graduates Second Moscow Medical Institute
1982 - Researcher, Institute of Biomedical Problems
1988 - Chief Director, Biotech Company Bioservice
1997 - Scientific Director, State Enterprise for Bacterial Preparations
1999 - Scientific Director, National Centre of Genetic Engineering Products
1999 - Chief, Anti-Doping Inspectorate, Russian Olympic Committee
2004 - Chief, Anti-Doping Agency, Federal Agency of Physical Culture and Sport

Today we discuss the dark side of professional sports. Drugs is in the spotlight today. With the Beijing Summer Olympics approaching, the usual concerns arise: to what extent is it going to be a contest of athletes? Or will the results show us the winners in the Super Arms Race of chemists and sports medics? We’ll discuss this issue with the Chief of the Anti-doping inspectorate at the Russian Olympic Committee, Nikolay Durmanov.