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What cars do Russians want?

Sergey Shishkaryov, Chairman, State Duma Transport Committee Chairman, State Duma Transport Committee

1968 - Born in Novorossiysk
1985 - Begins studies, Minsk State Institute of Foreign Languages
1986 - Serves in the army
1992 - Graduates, Foreign Languages Faculty, Ministry of Defence Military Institute
1993 - Head and founder, DELO group of Companies, Transportation Services Holding
1999 - State Duma deputy
2003 - Graduates, Russian Academy of State Service under the Russian President
2007 - Chairman, State Duma Transport Committee

Aleksandr Malenkov, Editor-In-Chief, Maxim magazine

1972 - Born in Moscow
1993 - Graduates, Moscow Institute of Instrument Engineering
1993 - Software specialist, Creating Databases
1998 - Writes for Men’s Health magazine
2000 - Editor, Men’s Health magazine
2001 - Deputy Editor-In-Chief, Men’s Health magazine
2002 - Editor-In-Chief, Maxim magazine

On January 12 taxes on foreign cars were raised for the coming nine months. For ordinary Russian buyers this means a price hike on the market. The government claims that it is necessary to protect the Russian automakers, but the move has already been the cause of several large protest actions by motorists in Vladivostok. We’ll be discussing this controversial issue with Sergey Shishkaryov, Chairman of the State Duma Transport Committee and Aleksandr Malenkov, editor-in-chief of MAXIM magazine.