What being British means

Jonathan Coe, British novelist and writer

1961 - Born in Birmingham
1972 - Writes first book
1983 - Graduates, Trinity College, Cambridge
1986 - Receives PhD in English literature, University of Warwick
1987 - Publishes Accidental Woman
1994 - What A Carve Up! wins John Llewellyn Rhys Prize
1997 - The House Of Sleep wins prix Medics and Writers’ guild best fiction award
2001 - The Rotters’ Club wins Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize
2004 - Publishes Closed Circle
2006 - Awarded honorary degree, University of Birmingham
2007 - Publishes The Rain Before It Falls

Jonathan Coe has spent years demonstrating and investigating phenomena unique to Britain. His series of novels examines the British national character and some of them have been adapted for television and radio. Jonathan Coe is the guest in our studio today.