"We don’t need a mere victory, but a convincing victory": United Russia party

Andrey Vorobyov, Head, Central Executive Committee, United Russia

2001 - United Russia political party is formed
2002 - Boris Gryzlov elected as party leader
2003 - United Russia receives 37 per cent of the vote in parliamentary election
2005 - Party controls 305 seats out of 450, giving it a constitutional majority
2007 - Current membership 1,530,000 in all 89 regions of the Russian Federation
2007 - Vladimir Putin joins United Russia party list

The parliamentary election will take place in Russia on December 2. On that day the lower chamber of Parliament, the State Duma, will be elected according to party list proportional representation system. More than a dozen political parties are campaigning for seats in parliament and today we’re introducing Andrey Vorobyov - a member of the General Council of the United Russia Party.