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Wang Qishan, Mayor of Beijing and Executive President, Organising Committee, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Wang Qishan, Mayor of Beijing and Executive President, Organising Committee, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
1948 - Born in Shanxi province, Tianzhen
1976 - Graduates, History department,  Northwest University
1979 - Researcher, Modern History Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
1982 - Director,Rrural Development Research Centre, State Council
1983 - Joins CommunistPparty of China (CPC)
1986 - Director, Rural reform experimental area department, State Council
1988 - Manager, Agriculture Credit and Investment Company
1988 - secretary, agriculture credit and investment company
1989 - Vice-governor, China Construction Bank
1989 - Member, China Construction Bank
1994 - Secretary, China Construction Bank
1994 - Governor, China Construction Bank
1995 - President, Chinese Investment Society
1997 - Member, CPC Provincial Committee, Standing Committee, Guangdong province
1997 - Alternate member, 15th CPC Central Committee
1998 - Vice-governor,Guangdong province
2000 - Secretary, Economic system reform scheme office, CPC Party Committee
2002 - Secretary, CPC Provincial Committee, Hainan province
2002 - Member, 16th CPC Central Committee
2003 - Chairman, Provincial People's Congress, Standing committee, Hainan province
2003 - Member, CPC Municipal Committee, Standing Committee, Beijing municipality
2003 - Deputy Secretary, CPC Municipal Committee, Beijing Municipality
2003 - Vice-mayor, Beijing Municipality
2003 - Acting mayor, Beijing Municipality
2003 - Executive president, Organising Committee, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
2004 - Mayor, Beijing municipality

2007 is the Year of China in Russia, and last week the Muscovites celebrated the days of Beijing in Moscow. Next year the Chinese capital will be in the focus of attention of the whole world, as the host of the Summer Olympic Games. These Olympics are promised to become “the best in history”. How did Beijing surprise the Muscovites and what is it preparing for the rest of the world? Our guest on the show today is His Excellency Wang Qishan, the mayor of Beijing.