Vyacheslav Polunin, the best clown in the world who is famous for never saying a word

Vyacheslav Polunin
1950 - Born in Oryol Region, Russia
1968 - Starts pantomime, “Litsedey”
1977 - Graduates, St. Petersburg Institute of Soviet Culture
1980 - Graduates, State Institute of Theatre Art, Moscow
1981 - First successful performance on Russian television
1982 - Organises and leads a mime parade, International Festival of Street Theatres
1985 - Organises pantomime master class, Moscow World Festival of Youth and Students
1987 - Organises USSR Festival of Street Theatres
1989 - Cofounder, “The Caravan of Peace”
1990 - Starts “Academy of Fools”
1993 - Creates first International Women Clowns Festival
1993 - Creates “Snow Show”
2001 - Organises new carnival within framework of World Theatre Olympics, Hermitage Gardens, Moscow
He's been described as the best clown of his era and in the world.  He is talked about as a genius, his shows have become classics and he has fans across the globe. Vyacheslav Polunin is the creator of the renowned "Snow Show" which is celebrated as "a theatre classic of the 20th century". Mr Polunin was born into a working class background. He was a great success at his school theatre, imitating Charlie Chaplin but was later refused entry into the St. Petersburg Theatre Institute because of poor pronunciation. One of his most controversial performances, was an event to mark the twentieth anniversary of the Litsedey theatre. He staged a funeral, including the reading of an epitaph against a setting of many coffins, followed by a funeral procession, with the coffins carried through the streets of St. Petersburg. Then they were set on fire and floated down the Neva river. Those who took part were followers of Stanislavsky, who stated that any theatre dies after twenty years in existence. Mr Polunin cites Yury Nikulin, Marcel Marceau and Charlie Chaplin as his main influences. He has received prizes from the British Critics Association along with other awards for his work. He was made an honorary resident of London, the city where he has lived for more than a decade.
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