Vladimir Ryzhkov, the Russian State Duma Deputy and Historian

Vladimir Ryzhkov
State Duma Deputy

1966 - Born in Altay Region
1985 - Serves in the Soviet army
1990 - Graduates, Altay State University
1990 - Teaches history, Altay State University
1991 - Deputy Administration Head, Altay Region
1993 - State Duma Deputy
1996 - Deputy Chairman, State Duma Committee on Federal Affairs and Regional Policies
1996 - Deputy Chairman, parliamentary faction “Our Home-Russia”
1997 - First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Federal Assembly of Russia
1999 - Head, parliamentary faction “Our Home-Russia”
2005 - Joins Political Council of the Republican Party
2006 - Co-chairman, Political Council of the Republican Party
Vladimir Ryzhkov is an independent deputy in the Russian State Duma, where he serves on the Federal Affairs and Regional Policies committee. His career developed very quickly. At the end of the 80’s, Mr Ryzhkov was one of the initiators of a democratic movement in Altay. By the time he was 25 years old, he was the Deputy Head of the Altay Regional Administration, at 31 he was the first vice speaker of the State Duma and at the age of 33, he became the leader of a parliamentary faction. Before entering politics, Mr Ryzhkov taught at his alma mater, the State University of Altay, the school which he graduated from in history. He was dubbed the “State Duma Discovery” by the Russian mass media and the World Economic Forum has recently named him as a “Young Global Leader.” He considers politics to be a kind of art and describes politicians as artists who “paint” ways of achieving a better standard of living in the country.
These days Russia is marking the 90th anniversary of the February Revolution of 1917. The revolution led to the end of the Russian Monarchy and the collapse of the Tsarist Empire. Vladimir Ryzhkov, the Russian State Duma Deputy and Historian, is on Spotlight to tell us more.