Vladimir Kozhin, Head, Administrative Board of the President of the Russian Federation

1959 - Born in Troitsk, Chelyabinsk region
1982 - Graduates, Leningrad Electro Technical Institute
1982 - Instructor, then Department Head, Petrograd regional Committee, USSR Leninist Young Communist Union
1985 - Head, external economic ties, Azimut scientific-production Association, Leningrad
1991 - Founder, Russian-Polish joint venture, Azimut International Ltd
1993 - General Director, St. Petersburg Joint Ventures Association
1994 - Head, Northwest Centre of Federal currency export control
1999 - Head, Russian Federal currency and export control Service
2000 - Head, Administrative board of the President of the Russian Federation

Sochi - the Russian city on the black sea coast which will host the 2014 Winter Olympics. After the decision of the International Olympic Committee of July 4, the time has come for the hard work to fulfill all Olympic promises Sochi and all Russia had given to the world. What is to be done in Sochi? Our guest today is the president of the Russian Association of winter sports and the first vice-president of the Russian Olympic Committee - Vladimir Kozhin.