U.S. Presidential race: Moscow’s take

Yury Rogulev - Head, Department of Political History, Moscow State University

1950 - Born in Moscow
1972 - Graduates, History Department, Moscow State University
1972 - Starts Postgraduate Programme
1976 - Receives PhD in American History, Moscow State University
1976 - Researcher, Laboratory of American Studies, Moscow State University
1998 - Director, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Foundation for the Study of the U.S., Moscow State University
2004 - Head, Department of Political History, Moscow State University

The road to the White House is long and winding and the 2008 contest is no exception. This week Senator John McCain consolidated his Republican front-runner status and is likely to become the presidential hopeful. But in the Democratic camp the American Super Tuesday left the race unsettled - both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will continue to fight for leadership in the party. Who does Moscow see as the Democratic contender for the White House? And what do all three have in storage for Russia? To answer these questions, our guest today is the Head of the Department of Political History at Moscow State University - Yury Rogulev.