Unrest on the horizon?

Sociologists Elena Bashkirova and Alla Glinchikova

The global economic meltdown has caused bank failures, bankruptcies, and rising unemployment across the planet. Some countries have already witnessed violent clashes between protesters and police. Will Russia be affected by social unrest? We ask sociologists Elena Bashkirova and Alla Glinchikova.

Elena Bashkirova

1946 - born in Moscow
1968 - graduates, Institute of Foreign Languages
1972 - department head, Institute of Sociology, USSR Academy of Sciences
1992 - founder and co-owner, Romir independent research agency
2004 - head, Bashkirova and Partners independent research agency

Alla Glinchikova

1961 – born in Moscow
1983 – graduates, Moscow State University
1990 – receives Phd, Moscow State University
1996 – senior researcher, Political Science Department, Institute of Foreign Languages
2003 – joins Institute of Globalisation Studies
2003 – senior researcher, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences
2007 – deputy director, Russian Institute for Studies on Globalisation and Social Movements
2007 – assistant professor, Russian State Humanitarian University