Tremayne Elson, Head of an International Recruitment Agency operating in Russia

Tremayne Elson
Head, international recruitment agency
1968 - Born in London
1990 - Graduates in Russian, German and Economics, Newcastle Polytechnic, England
1990 - Tour Leader, Saga travel company
1991 - Sales Manager, Ferrero confectionery company
1993 - Sales Manager, Gallo wine producing company
1994 - Recruitment consultant, Antal International, London
1994 - Sets up first Antal International office in Russia
1997 - Group Deputy Managing Director for Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, Antal International, Moscow
2002 - Managing Partner for Russia and CIS, Antal International, Moscow
At the age of 8, Tremayne Elson built cars out of Lego and tried to sell them to his father. "You'll go far," Elson remembered his father saying. And Elson senior was right! His son went on to trot around the globe, finally settling far from his home town of Chelmsford in England, to head one of Moscow's oldest recruitment agencies. After graduating, Elson took a sales job with a confectionery firm. But the call of adventure prompted him to leave the job after just 18 months, to backpack around the world. "I'm never happier than when I'm on the road," explained Elson, who travelled across China, India and Eastern Europe with a friend. Later, he joined a wine producing company operating worldwide. As fun as the job may sound, it still wasn’t enough for Elson. In his search for something else, he came across a recruitment agency and his future career. The company's short, one-year life span and his own lack of experience in the field didn't worry Elson, who was eager to take Moscow by storm. “I’ve travelled somewhere internationally, every week, for the past seven years," said Elson, who jets around the world on business or to see his wife and sons in London. Elson can't say where his current career will lead him, but he certainly enjoys the thrill of working in Moscow today.
Russia is a rapidly growing market. What are the most demanded specialists in this country now and is it worth looking for a job in Russia? Tremayne Elson, Head of an International Recruitment Agency operating in Russia, is on Spotlight to tell us more