The value of Russian-Iraqi friendship

Foreign Minister of Iraq Hoshyar Zebari

1953 - Born in Aqra, Iraqi Kurdistan
1975 - Graduates, University of Jordan
1977 - Masters in Sociology of Development, Essex University, England
1978 - Chairman, Overseas Student Committee, England
1979 - Elected leader, Kurdistan Democratic Party, Central Committee
1988 - Chief Foreign Representative, Kurdistan Democratic Party
1989 - Member, Kurdistan Democratic Party Political Bureau and Chief Representative, Kurdistan Front in Europe
1992 - Elected to Executive Council of Iraqi National Congress
1992 - Head, International Relations Bureau, Kurdistan Democratic Party
1992 - Elected Member, Kurdistan National Assembly
1992 - Head, International Relations of the Iraqi Opposition
1999 - Member, Iraqi National Congress Leadership Council
2002 - Member, Iraqi Opposition Coordination and Follow-Up Committee
2003 - Appointed Iraqi Foreign Minister

Russia has written off 93 per cent of Iraqi debt, which is almost 13 billion US dollars. What will Russia get instead - maybe - take part in rebuilding the Iraqi economy, particularly oil and gas sectors? The guest to answer the question is the man, who struck the deal - Foreign Minister of Iraq Hoshyar Zebari…