The truth behind Russia’s debts

Aleksandr Kogan, Businessman

1958 - Born in Ukraine
1981 - Joins Tomsk oil drilling perspective company
1985 - Deputy General Manager, Tomsk oil drilling perspective company
1987 - Owner, construction company
1991 - Goes to u.s.
1994 - Opens International Procurement Development Company, U.S.
2000 - General Manager, IPD Capital
2007 - CEO, air structures American Technologies Inc.

There are new developments in the long-lasting dispute between the Russian Government and the Swiss company Noga. French court ruled to freeze Russian government assets in dispute with a Swiss company. It accuses Russia of refusing to pay millions of dollars in debts linked to 1991 oil-for-food programme and Noga's owner Mr. Gaon claimed that the Russian debt to the company has now increased to 1.1 billion U.S. dollars. So if this is true, why did Mr. Gaon promise to withdraw his claims in exchange for 50 million euros? Aleksandr Kogan, the man who paid off 70 million dollars of Russia’s debt joins us today to give us an insight.