The strange case of Silvio Berlusconi

Paolo Mancini, Political scientist, Professor of Sociology of Communication, Perugia University

1948 - Born in Italy
1971 - Graduates, Perugia University
1975 - Receives PhD in semeiology
1978 - Joins teaching staff, Perugia University
1981 - Visiting professor, University of San Diego
1982 - Professor, Perugia University

One case that exemplifies the complex relations between the executive, the judiciary and the media is Italy and its Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The political future of the Italian Prime Minister is on trial after the constitutional court scrapped a law that gave him immunity from prosecution. Is this decision good or bad for Italy and Italian democracy? What lessons could other nations take from this very Italian story? We’ll be talking about it with Italian political scientist Paolo Mancini.