“The show starts when I step into the ring”

Natalya Ragozina, World Super Middleweight boxing champion

1976 - Born in Karaganda, Kazakhstan
1996 - European Kickboxing Champion
1998 - European Kickboxing Champion
1999 - Embarks on amateur boxing career 
2002 - European Boxing Champion for two years running
2004 - Begins professional boxing career
2005 - WIBF World Champion for two years running
2006 - GBU World Champion
2007 - Wins five titles, becoming the WIBF, GBU, WBA, WIBA and WBC world champion

Women may be dangerous! The queen of the boxing ring, Natalya Ragozina, is the world's top female boxer. She is the undefeated World Super Middleweight champion. Natalya is the current WBA, WIBF and GBU female world champion in the super middleweight division.