"The Russian Army shouldn't protect the world from the wicked Americans": Russian Chief of Staff

Army General Yury Baluevsky
Chief of Russia Armed Forces General Staff

1947 - born in Truskavets, Ukraine
1970 - graduates, Leningrad Combined Arms Command School
1974 - HQ Officer, Group of the Soviet Forces in Germany
1979 - assigned to the Leningrad Military District
1980 - graduates, Frunze Military Academy
1982 - reports to General Staff General Strategic Directorate
1990 - graduates, General Staff Academy
1993 - sent to Transcaucasia As First Deputy Commander, Group of Russian Forces
1995 - returns to General Staff, taking posts of Chief of Directorate and Deputy Chief of General Strategic Directorate
1997 - Chief, General Strategic Directorate and First Deputy Chief of General Staff
2004 - Chief of Russian Armed Forces General Staff, First Deputy Minister of Defence

The State Duma, lower house of the Russian Parliament, voted unanimously on October 7 to suspend observance of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE). What is the reason for this decision and which consequences can it have for peace and security in Europe? To answer these and many other questions, our guest today is the Chief of the Russian General Staff General Yury Baluevsky.