“The most controversial election campaign”: leader of the Union of Right Forces party

Nikita Belykh, chairman, Union of Right Forces

2001 - Union of Right Forces Party formed
2001 - Nemtsov, Gaidar, Kirienko, Khakamada, and Chubais elected as leaders
2005 - Nikita Belykh elected as chairman
2007 - Number of SPS regional branches exceeds 1000
2007 - SPS represented by 107 deputies, 43 regional legislative bodies

The parliamentary election will take place in Russia on December 2. On that day the lower chamber of Parliament, the State Duma, will be elected according to party list proportional representation system. More than a dozen political parties are campaigning for seats in parliament and today we’re introducing Nikita Belykh - the leader of "SPS" - the Union of Right Forces.