“The conference in Moscow is absolutely essential to the peace process”

Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian National Authority

1935 - Born in Safad, Palestine
1948 - Family moves to Syria
1960 - Graduates, university of Damascus
1964 - Member, Fatah Central Committee
1968 - Member, Palestine National Council
1971 - Joins Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) Executive Committee
1980 - Head, PLO Department for National and International Relations
1982 - Receives PhD in history, Moscow State University
1994 - Head, PLO Negotiating Affairs Department
1996 - Secretary General, PLO Executive Committee
1996 - Head, Central Election Commission for Palestinian Legislative Council Elections
2003 - First Palestinian Prime Minister
2004 - Chairman, PLO Executive Committee
2005 - President, Palestinian National Authority

President Bush has promised statehood to Palestine by the end of 2008. Condoleezza Rice recently said that a peace framework treaty might be signed by mid-May. The guest to tell us about the real state of affairs in the region is the President of the Palestinian Authority - Mahmoud Abbas.