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Teodor Shanin, Historian

1930 - Born in Wilno, Poland
1951 - Graduates, Jerusalem College of Social Labour
1959 - Studies sociology and economics, Jerusalem University
1963 - Postgraduate studies, Birmingham University, England
1965 - Lecturer, Sheffield University, England
1967 - Receives PhD in sociology, Birmingham University, England
1974 - Professor, University of Manchester, England
1990 - Academician, Lenin all-union Academy of Agricultural Sciences
1995 - Rector, Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences
2007 - President, Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences

Today we are talking about the Russian Revolution. 90 years ago, on the 7th of November, 1917, the revolutionary soldiers, led by Vladimir Lenin’s Bolshevik Party, stormed the residence of the Russian Government in Saint-Petersburg. It was the apex of the Great October Socialist Revolution and the starting point of the Communist rule in Russia which existed until 1991. It was also - a crucial event in World history of the XXth century. Our guest in the studio today is a prominent sociologist and historian Teodor Shanin.