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Taking pills: cause or cure?

Sergey Bubnovsky, Creator, Alternative System of Neurology and Orthopaedics

1955 - Born in Surgut
1987 - Graduates, Third Medical Institute, Moscow
1988 - Psychiatrist, Kashchenko psychiatric clinic
1990 - Embarks on sports medicine career
1996 - Founder, Kinesis Therapy Centre
2005 - Field doctor, KAMAZ-master team

Yury Buziashvili, Cardiologist, Cardiologist, Bakulev Scientific Centre of Cardiovascular Surgery

1954 - Born in Georgia
1977 - Graduates, Moscow Medical Academy
1977 - Joins Bakulev Scientific Centre of Cardiovascular Surgery
1994 - Deputy Director, Bakulev Scientific Centre of Cardiovascular Surgery

Today we discuss medicine and the health problems increasingly causing people to be dependent on drug treatment. But is it the only way to cure deseases? To discuss this vital question, we have invited to our studio two doctors, Sergey Bubnovsky, the creator of an alternative System of Neurology and Orthopaedics and prominent cardiologist Yury Buziashvili.