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Straight answers to tough questions

Dmitry Peskov, First Deputy Press Attaché to the Russian President

1967 - Born in Moscow
1989 - Graduates, Institute of Asia and Africa, Moscow State University
1989 - Joins Soviet Foreign Ministry
1990 - Duty Assistant, Attaché, Third Secretary, Russian Embassy, Ankara, Turkey
1994 - Returns to Russian Foreign Ministry
1996 - Second Secretary, then First Secretary, Russian Embassy, Ankara, Turkey
2000 - Section Head, media relations at the Presidential Press Office, First Deputy Head of the Presidential Press Office and Deputy Press Attache to the President, Russia
2000 - First Deputy Press Attache to the Russian President

4 hours and 40 minutes, the record breaking press conference of Vladimir Putin’s presidency. Journalists lined up from early morning in front of the Kremlin complex for the conference that has grown in size and length every year since Putin's first news conference in 2001, which was attended by 400 journalists. What were the burning issues on the press conference agenda this year and how many questions were asked? To discuss the most burning issues raised during the session, we’ve invited First Deputy Press Attache to the Russian President Dmitry Peskov to our studio.