State of the nation address

Boris Makarenko, Chairman of the Board at the Center for Political Technologies and Director for Social Political Programmes at the Institute of Contemporary Development

1959 – Born in Moscow
1981 – Graduates, Institute of Asian and African Studies, Moscow State University
1992 – Studies at Princeton University
1993 – Consultant, Ethnic Relations project, Princeton, New Jersey
1993 – Project leader, Centre for Political Technologies
1994 – Deputy general director, Centre for Political Technologies
2004 – First deputy general director, Centre for Political Technologies
2007 – Chairman of the board, Centre for Political Technologies
2008 – Director for social political programmes, Institute of Contemporary Development

On November 12, President Medvedev delivered his annual address to Russia’s parliament, the Federal Assembly, in which he laid out the main tasks for the country’s mid-term development. Political analyst Boris Makarenko is in our studio today to discuss the presidential address.