State Duma 2007: paying respect to the opposition

Vladimir Pligin,
Chairman of the State Duma Constitutional Law Committee

1960 - Born in Vologda region
1982 - Graduates, Leningrad State University (now St Petersburg)
1987 - Receives PhD in law
1996 - Advocate, Moscow regional BAR association
2003 - State Duma deputy, Federal Assembly of Russia
2003 - Advocate status suspended due to State Duma election
2006 - Chairman, Constitutional Law and Nation Building Committee, State Duma

State Duma of the fifth convocation - new members, new appointments. What is expected from the new cabinet where 315 out of 450 seats are occupied by the party which President Putin supports? Who will be deciding the future of Russia in the upcoming four years? To answer these questions, our guest today is the Chairman of the State Duma Constitutional Law Committee, Vladimir Pligin.