Stas Namin, producer, composer, and a true pioneer of Soviet Rock'n'Roll

Stas Namin
Music producer
1951 - Born in Moscow
1964 - Forms The Magicians pop group
1967 - Forms Politburo pop group
1968 - Graduates, Moscow Suvorovskoe Cadet Military College
1969 - Forms The Flowers pop group
1971 - Graduates, Moscow State Institute of Foreign Languages
1975 - Graduates, Moscow State University
1987 - Founder, Stas Namin Centre
1999 - Creates the Moscow Music and Drama Theatre
2003 -Creates the Russian Nights festival

Stas Namin is a musician, businessman, photographer, director of a drama theatre, film and event producer, and a cultural humanist whose career has moved from dissidence during the repressive period of the Cold War to artistic achievement in the expressive new millennium. Unlike many of his fellow nationals, he made this transition seamlessly, somehow melding an early military education with the formal study of foreign languages, philology and literature and then a relentless tandem passion for rock music and cinematography.  Definitely a modern day icon, Stas Namin has gone far beyond merely breaking with the political and cultural traditions of his homeland. Some of his ideas and projects have not come to fruition merely because they were either too radical - or too satirical - to find a supportive audience in a changing culture, still unsure of its liberalism. Namin organised the first hot air balloon festival in Russia, inaugurating the event by personally flying over the Kremlin in his Submarine balloon.  It was included into the World’s Best Balloons encyclopaedia. Committed to sharing his rich cultural heritage with the world, Namin plans to continue developing celebrations of his country’s cultural legacy in new venues globally. His is truly a mission with no boundaries - neither in terms of geography nor the imagination.

Many Europeans consider the Eurovision Song Contest to be the musical event of the year. Russia has been participating in the Contest since 1994 and has never won. Why? Stas Namin, producer, composer, and a true pioneer of Soviet Rock'n'Roll, is on Spotlight to tell us more