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South Ossetia information warfare

Tony Halpin, Bureau Chief, The Times

1961 - Born in Watton, Great Britain
1983 - Graduates, Bristol University, Bristol, Great Britain
1983 - Editor, Bacus student newspaper, Bristol University
1984 - Trainee reporter, Express and Star, Wolverhampton, Great Britain
1987 - News reporter, Birmingham post and mail, Birmingham
1988 - Senior news reporter, press association, London
1990 - Staff writer, Armenian international magazine, Los Angeles, CA and Yerevan, Armenia
1993 - Senior reporter and later education correspondent, Daily Mail, London
2001 - Editor-in-chief, Armenian international magazine, Armenia and Los Angeles
2002 - Co-founder, Armenianow.com (leading weekly internet journal in Armenia), Yerevan, Armenia
2002 - Education editor, the times, London
2006 - Bureau chief, the times, Moscow

Robert Bridge, Editor-in-Chief, The Moscow News Weekly

1966 - Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1986 - Graduates, Allegheny liberal arts college
1990 - Graduates in English literature and political science, University of Pittsburgh
1990 - Winner of the gold key award for academic achievements
1990 - Deputy editor, the Pittsburgh press
2007 - Editor-in-chief, the Moscow News

Today we will talk about another front of the South Ossetia conflict, the one waged by the media. As a result of this warfare, people living in the West have a very different picture of this war from that of the people living in South Ossetia. Why is this the case? We’ll discuss this question with two journalists…Robert Bridge, Editor-in-Chief of the The Moscow News Weekly and Tony Halpin, Moscow Bureau Chief of The Times.