South Ossetia: how it all began

Russia’s special ambassador and Co-chairman of the Joint Control Commission for Georgian-Ossetian Conflict Resolution, Yury Popov.

1954 - born in Moscow
1976 - graduates Moscow state university of international relations
1976 - joins Soviet Foreign Ministry
1976 - diplomatic service, Nigeria
1984 - diplomatic service, Kingdom of Lesotho
1991 - diplomatic service, Zimbabwe
1991 - graduates diplomatic academy, Moscow
1991 - receives Phd, international history
2000 - diplomatic service, Uzbekistan
2002 - Deputy Director, CIS department, Russian Foreign Ministry
2006 - Russia’s special ambassador, co-chairman, Joint Control Commission for Georgian-Ossetian conflict resolution
Today we will continue to investigate the tragic conflict in South Ossetia. How did this war start? Who fired the first shot? Our guest was caught in the thick of the conflict when it started.