Smolensk tragedy: a year on

­Artyom Malgin – Executive Secretary, Russian-Polish Group on Difficult Issues

Andrzei Halicki – Chairman, Foreign Affairs Committee of the Polish Parliament

Today we’re talking about the anniversary of Polish President’s Lech Kaczynski’s plane crash.

A delegation headed by the President was going to take part in a ceremony to remember the thousands of Polish victims of the Katyn Massacre. But their plane crashed just short of their destination Smolensk airport. The tragedy united Poland, and many Russian people supported the Poles. Today, a year after the crash, we’re looking at how the tragedy has affected relations between the two countries. In our Moscow studio we have Executive Secretary of the Russian-Polish Group on Difficult Issues Artyom Malgin. From Warsaw we are joined by the Chairman of the Polish Sejm Foreign Affairs Committee Andrzej Halicki.