Slava Tsukerman, film director, producer, writer

1940 - Born in Moscow
1961 - Writes, produces and directs debut film, I believe in spring
1973 - Emigrates to Israel
1976 - Moves to New York
1982 - Director, Liquid sky
1989 - Returns to Moscow for first time after emigrating to Israel
1998 - Director, Poor Liza
2001 - Wins grand prix for Poor Liza, Gatchina film festival, Russia
2007 - Director, Perestroika

Today we are talking to a cult film director. His film the Liquid Sky was called “the most original and hallucinatory films in memory”. It became the longest running film on the chart in 1983, but its director declined invitations from Hollywood producers to make mainstream movies. Our guest today is film director Slava Tsukerman.