Shopping millionaire style

Yves Gijrath, President, Millionaire Fair

1966 - Born in Amsterdam
1988 - Graduates, University of Amsterdam
1992 - Joins international trading company
1995 - International consultant, luxury brands
1999 - Founder, Gijrath Media Group
2000 - First publishes Millionaire Magazine, Holland
2000 - Founder, Millionaire Fair, Holland

Elena Kudozova, Managing Director, Millionaire Fair, Moscow

1970 - Born in Moscow
1991 - Graduates, State Finance Academy, Moscow
1998 - Sales director and publisher, independent media
2005 - Managing director, Millionaire Fair, Moscow

Today we will talk about the Russian reaction to the global financial crisis. The annual Millionaire Fair in Moscow showed that the rich are still ready to spend fortunes on expensive gimmicks. Is this really what makes Russians different from the rest of the world? The guests to tell us more, Yves Gijrath – President of the Millionaire Fair and Elena Kudozova, its Managing Director.