"Serbs will never accept independence for Kosovo": chairman of Serbian Government Economic Council

Nenad Popovic, Chief, Government Economic Team for Kosovo and Metohija

1966 - Born in Tuzla
1992 - Graduates, School of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade University
1992 - Joins Euromin, Moscow branch
1994 - Founder, ABS Holdings
2000 - Receives Masters in Economics, Moscow
2001 - Receives PhD in Economics, Moscow
2001 - Teaches Basics of Global Corporations, Moscow State University
2002 - Establishes Slavyansky Humanitarian Organisation
2003 - Co-founder, Serbian-American Centre
2005 - Founder, East European Centre for Strategic Development
2006 - President, Partizan Football Club
2006 - Chief, Government Economic Team for Kosovo and Metohija

Today we will talk about the status of Kosovo. As December 10 deadline set by the United Nations for determining Kosovo’s future is looming, Kosovo’s authorities are showing signs of impatience and willingness to unilaterally declare the independence of this Serbia’s province. What will be the reaction of Serbia if this will happen and what consequences will Kosovo independence have for peace on the Balkans? To answer these questions, our guest today is Chairman of the Serbian Government Economic Council on Kosovo, Metohija, and South of Serbia status - Nenad Popovic.