“Serbia is not going to accept the independence of Kosovo”: Serbia’s Foreign Minister

Vuk Jeremic, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Serbia

1975 - born in Belgrade
1998 - graduates, theoretical physics, Cambridge University
2000 - adviser to Minister of Telecommunications, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
2003 - receives Masters in Public Administration on International Development, Harvard University
2003 - Special Envoy for Euro-Atlantic Affairs, Ministry of Defence, State Union of Serbia and Montenegro
2004 - Chairman, Foreign Affairs Committee, Democratic Party, Serbia
2004 - Senior Foreign Policy Adviser to Boris Tadic, President of the Republic of Serbia
2006 - elected to main board, Democratic Party, Serbia
2007 - Chairman, Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe
2007 - Foreign Minister, Republic of Serbia

On November 26 the Russia-EU-US troika is holding a new, and probably final, round of talks on the status of Serbia’s province of Kosovo. Many observers believe that the talks are doomed to fail, and that unilateral declaration of Kosovo’s independence is inevitable.

How does Serbia’s government react to this threat to the country's integrity? Our guest is the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Serbia Vuk Jeremic.