Serbia: An uncertain political future

Chairman of the State Duma International Affairs Committee, Konstantin Kosachev

1962 - Born in Moscow Region
1984 - Graduates, Moscow State Institute of International Relations
1999 - State Duma Deputy
2001 - First Vice Chairman, Fatherland - All Russia Party, State Duma
2003 - Chairman, International Affairs Committee, State Duma
2004 - Chairman, Russian Delegation to PACE
2005 - Vice President, PACE

The United States and the European Union have welcomed the result of the Serbian election as an endorsement of the pro-European camp over nationalist rivals. But analysts see no clear resolution of the political split in Serbia. What kind of a coalition will be created as a result of the election? And what will the foreign policy of this new coalition government be? To answer these questions, our guest today is Chairman of the State Duma International Affairs Committee Konstantin Kosachev.