Samir Amin, world famous social scientist

1931 – Born in Cairo, Egypt
1947 – Graduates, French High School, Port Said, Egypt
1952 – Receives political science diploma
1956 – Receives statistics diploma
1957 – Receives economics diploma
1957 – Graduates, Paris University
1960 – Research officer, Institute of Economic Management, Cairo
1963 – Advisor, Ministry of Planning, Bamako
1970 – Professor, University of Poitiers, Dakar and Paris
1980 – Director, Third World Forum, Dakar

Every time the U.S. President is visiting foreign countries, his presence is accompanied by mass protests. We have witnessed it recently in Sydney, Australia, at the A-PEC summit. But it may be difficult to understand from the news - what the protesters are really up to. To understand it better, our guest today is world famous social scientist Dr. Samir Amin.


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