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Same-sex marriages

Masha Gessen, an American journalist who got married to her same-sex partner, and Aleksey Karaulov, a journalist from Maxim magazine.

Masha Gessen, Journalist, Publicist

1967 – Born in Moscow
1981 – Immigrates to the U.S.
1983 – Embarks on journalism career
1984 – Begins studies, Cooper Union, New York
1990 – International editor, The Advocate, Los Angeles
1996 – Special correspondent, New Republic, Washington, D.C.
1997 – publIshes first book
2000 – Moscow Bureau Chief, U.S. News and World Report, Moscow

Aleksey Karaulov, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, MAXIM magazine

1983 – Born in Krasnoyarsk region
2000 – Begins studying journalism, Moscow State University
2002 – Editor, Men’s Health magazine
2004 – Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Maxim magazine
2008 – Editor-in-Chief, Maxim Detox

This week it became legal for same-sex couples to marry in courthouse ceremonies across California. It became the second U.S. state, after Massachusetts, to allow gay couples to tie the knot. But even in the U.S. the debate on the issue is far from over. So what do Russians think about it, and is there a chance that same-sex marriage will ever be recognised here? To give their points of view our guests today are Masha Gessen, an American journalist who got married to her same-sex partner, and magazine journalist Aleksey Karaulov.