Sam Greene, Political Analyst, Member of Scientific Council of the Carnegie Moscow Centre

1976 - Born in New York
1998 - Graduates, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois
1998 - Freelance journalist, Hungary and the Balkans
1999 - Freelance journalist, Russia and the former Soviet Union
2002 - Freelance political risk consultant, London and Moscow
2002 - Correspondent, FT business, London
2003 - Receives master of science in political economy, London School of Economics & Political Science
2004 - Senior media programme advisor, New Eurasia Foundation, Moscow
2004 - Visiting lecturer, department of sociology, Higher School of Economics, Moscow
2005 - Programme officer, Carnegie Moscow Center
2007 - Receives PhD political sociology, London School of Economics & Political Science
Today we are talking about Ukraine.The first result of the snap parliamentary election, which was held on Sunday the 30th, is - that Ukraine is once again headed for days, if not weeks, of controversy over who will become the new Prime minister. To discuss the latest developments in Ukraine’s politics, our guest today is political analyst Sam Greene.