Russia’s security challenges

Sergey Karaganov, Chairman of the Council of Foreign and Defence Policy

1952 - Born in Moscow
1974 - Graduates, Moscow State University
1979 - Receives PhD in history
1989 - Deputy director, European institute, USSR Academy of Sciences
1993 - Member, President’s Council, Russian Federation
1994 - Chairman, presidium of the council for foreign and security policy
1994 - Co-chairman, committee for economic development, big Europe commission
1995 - Member, council of foreign relations international advisory committee, New York
2001 - Advisor to deputy chief, president’s administration on foreign affairs
2002 - Chairman, department of world politics, higher school of economics, Moscow State University
2004 - Member, public council for assisting the development of civil society and human rights institutions under the President of Russia

Today we will talk about the challenges Russia is facing. This week, Russian and U.S. diplomats have begun talks on nuclear arms reduction and European and Russian leaders are also meeting this week to discuss energy and trade. To talk about the threats and opportunities for Russia, our guest today is Sergey Karaganov, the Chairman of the Council of Foreign and Defense Policy.