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Russia’s return as a world power

Aleksandr Rahr, Political analyst, Programme Director for Russia/Eurasia, German Council on Foreign Relations
1959 - Born in Taipei, Taiwan
1977 - Project leader, Federal Institute for East European and International Studies, Cologne
1982 - Research analyst and senior research analyst, Research Institute of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, Munich
1985 - Receives M.A. in history and political sciences, Munich State University
1986 - Author, Mikhail Gorbachev Biography
1986 - Political consultant, Rand Corporation, Santa Monica
1988 - Receives M.A. in East European History, Modern History and Political Science, Munich State University
1993 - Consultant to the General Secretary of the Council of Europe
1994 - Senior analyst, Russia/CIS affairs, German Council on Foreign Relations
1995 - Head, Korber-Centre, Joint Institution of Korber Foundation and German Council on Foreign Relations, Berlin
1999 - Anchor, Europe today TV programme, Deutsche Welle
2000 - Author, Vladimir Putin Biography
2002 - Head, expert group on Kaliningrad, German Council on Foreign Relations
2003 - Awarded Federal Merit Cross
2003 - Member, Steering Committee, St. Petersburg dialogue
2004 - Member, International Council, Europa Journal, Poland
2005 - Board member, Yalta European Strategy, Kiev
2008 - Author, Russian Gas: The Return Of A World Power

Following his visits to Kazakhstan and China, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will fly to Germany at the invitation of Chancellor Angela Merkel on June 5. Will his trip open a new page in Russia-EU relations? We’ll consider the possibilities with German political analyst Aleksandr Rahr.