Russian media: World-wide reach

Mikhail Gusman

Vice President, World Association of Russian Press,
First Deputy General Director, ITAR-TASS,
Russian representative, International Programme for the Development of Communication, UNESCO

1950 - born in Baku
1970 - graduates, Azerbaijan Institute of Foreign Languages
1973 - Deputy Chairman, Youth Organisations Committee, Baku
1986 - head, USSR Youth Organisations Press Centre, Moscow
1991 - director, General Directorate on Information Co-operation, Infomol
1995 - Vice President, International Analytical Agency, Ankom-Tass
1998 - head, Main Directorate of International Co-Operation ITAR-TASS
1999 - Deputy General Director, ITAR-TASS
2000 - First Deputy General Director, ITAR-TASS
2000 - General Secretary, Organisation of Information Agencies of Asia and Pacific Ocean Countries
2002 - Vice President, European Alliance of Information Agencies

The 10th World Congress of the Russian Language Press is being held in Moscow from June10 to 14. It is reuniting Russian journalists from dozens of countries. What are they going to discuss? The guest in our studio today is Vice-President of the World Association of Russian Press Mikhail Gusman.