Russian "hawk": NATO is no adversary

Dmitry Rogozin, politician

1963 - Born in Moscow
1986 - Graduates, Moscow State University
1988 - Graduates, Marxism-Leninism University
1990 - First Vice-President, Rau-Corporation Scientific Research and Educational Organisation
1990 - President, Young Political Leaders of Russia Association, Forum-90
1993 - Founder and Head, International Congress of Russian Communities
1996 - Phd in Philosophy, Moscow State University
1997 - State Duma Deputy
2003 - Chairman, Rodina (Motherland) Electoral Bloc
2004 - Chairman, State Duma Committee on International Affairs
2007 - Russian representative to NATO

President Putin has named the man he wants to represent Russia at NATO. His choice has surprised many, as Dmitry Rogozin has a reputation as an unorthodox politician. What does the appointment mean for the future of the relationship between Russia and NATO? We'll get the answers firsthand. Our guest in today is  Dmitry Rogozin.