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Russia-U.S.: resetting the button

Andrey Kokoshin, the First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee, former First Deputy Minister of Defence and former Secretary of the Defence Council

1945 - Born in Moscow
1969 - Graduates, Moscow Bauman Higher Technical School
1974 - Researcher, Institute of American and Canadian Studies, Moscow
1982 - PHD in history of science
1984 - Deputy director, Institute of American and Canadian Studies, Moscow
1989 - Member, USSR Academy of Sciences
1992 - First Deputy Minister of Defence of The Russian Federation
1996 - Member, Governmental Committee on Defence Spending
1997 - Appointed Secretary of the Defence Council
1997 - Appointed State Military Inspector and Head of State Military Inspectorate of the President of Russia
1998 - Appointed Secretary of The Security Council Of Russia
2003 - Chairman, Committee of CIS and Russian Diaspora Relations
2008 - First Deputy Chairman, State Duma Committee on Science and Science Intensive Technology

Today, we will talk about the possibility of a new détente in the relations between Russia and the West. The US Vice President Joe Biden has said Washington wants to hit "the reset button" over ties with Moscow. Russia has welcomed the words, but Deputy PM Sergey Ivanov has warned against extensive optimism, saying previous “thaws” had ended in disappointment. Could it be more successful this time? We’ll be talking about it with Andrey Kokoshin, Russian MP and one of the country’s leading political scientists.