Russia-Ukraine gas row: politics or just business?

Former Foreign Minister of Ukraine and Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for European Integration Affairs   - Boris Tarasyuk

1949 - Born in Ukraine
1975 - Graduates, National Taras Shevchenko University of Kiev
1975 - Becomes a diplomat
1992 - Deputy Foreign Minister
1995 - Ukrainian Ambassador in Belgium and Luxembourg, Netherlands and Ukrainian representative to NATO
1998 - Foreign Minister of Ukraine
2000 - Foreign relations advisor to Viktor Yushchenko   
2001 - Director, Institute of Social Sciences and International Relations, Interregional Academy of Staff Co-ordination
2005 - Foreign Minister of Ukraine
2007 - Chairman, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on European Integration Affairs

On Monday, Kiev's delay in paying for gas supplied by Russia led to Moscow cutting supplies to Ukraine. The leaders of the two countries have held talks in an effort to end the disput and Russia has reached agreement with both the Ukrainian President and the Prime Minister. This is why today, when the tension is high again, analysts say the cause of the new row is a power struggle at the heart of Ukraine's government. What do Ukrainian politicians have to say about it all? We are about to find out from one of the top Ukrainian politicians, former Foreign Minister, Boris Tarasuk.