Russia-UK: building bridges

Yury Fedotov, Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom

1947 - Born in Moscow
1971 - Graduates, Moscow State University of International Relations
1974 - Third, then second secretary, Soviet Embassy, Algeria
1981 - Joins Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow
1983 - Political counselor, Russian embassy, New Delhi, India
1988 - Returns to Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow
1991 - Deputy director, Department of International Organisations, Russian Foreign Ministry
1993 - Deputy permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, New York
1999 - Director, department of international organisations, Russian Foreign Ministry
2002 - Deputy Russian Foreign Minister
2005 - Russian ambassador to the United Kingdom

The Russo-British relationship has been rather tumultuous in recent months, marred by accusations of harbouring criminals and espionage.

What fuelled these tensions? Which direction will Russian foreign policy take under the new president? To answer these questions, our guest today is the Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Yury Fedotov.