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Russia-OPEC: common problems and common future

Vitaly Ermakov, Director, Russian and Caspian Energy, Cambridge Energy Research Associates

1966 - Born in Dubna
1990 - Graduates, Samara State University
1993 - Receives PhD in political philosophy, samara state university
1996 - Tax consultant, Harvard University, Russian tax reform programme
1997 - Receives MA in international development policy, Duke University
1998 - Senior tax consultant, Arthur Andersen
2001 - Director, Russian and Caspian energy, Cambridge Energy Research Associates
2004 - Manager for economic analysis, TNK-BP

Mikhail Krutikhin, Editor-in-Chief, Russian Energy Weekly, Energy expert, Chief Analyst, RusEnergy

1946 - Born in Moscow
1970 - Graduates, Institute of Oriental Languages, Moscow State University
1972 - Editor, Middle East department, TASS news agency
1975 - TASS correspondent, Cairo
1976 - TASS correspondent, Damascus
1978 - TASS correspondent, Tehran
1981 - Senior editor, Middle East department, TASS news agency, Moscow
1982 - Postgraduate student, Academy of Social Sciences, Moscow
1985 - Receives PhD, Academy of Social Sciences
1985 - Deputy chief, Middle East department, TASS news agency
1987 - Chief of bureau, TASS news agency, Lebanon
1989 - Chief of bureau, TASS news agency, Cairo
1992 - Deputy general director, Alter Ego PR agency, Moscow
1994 - Corresponding member, International Academy of Information Theory
1994 - Associate editor, Russian Petroleum Investor and Caspian Investor monthly magazines
2000 - Editor-in-chief, Russian Petroleum Investor monthly magazine
2000 - Co-founder and principal, Prime-Online agency
2002 - Partner and analyst, Rusenergy agency and editor, Russian Energy weekly newsletter

Today we will talk about oil prices. As OPEC ministers gather in Algeria this week, attention has turned to Russia. Unprecedented price declines have severely affected the economies of oil producing nations, including Russia's. Will this country, the world's second-largest energy producer, be able to help the cartel stabilize prices?  We’ll be talking about it with Mikhail Krutikhin, Editor of the Russian Energy Weekly and Vitaly Ermakov, of the Cambridge Energy Research Associates.