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Russia-EU relations: French connection

Evgeny Kozhokin. Director, Russian Institute for Strategic Studies

1954 - Born in Moscow
1977 - Graduates, Moscow State University
1980 - Master's degree in history, Moscow State University
1980 - Joins USSR Academy of Sciences
1990 - Chairman, subcommittee for international relations, committee on international relations and foreign economic policy of the Supreme Council
1992 - Head, subcommittee for international security and surveillance, committee for defence and security of the Russian Supreme Council
1993 - Deputy Chairman, state committee on federation and nationality affairs
1994 - Director, Russian Institute for Strategic Studies
1999 - Member, scientific council, Security Council of the Russian Federation

Marek Halter, French novelist, Political commentator

1936 - Born in Warsaw
1953 - Accepted at Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts
1954 - Awarded Deauville national prize for painting
1967 - Founder, International Committee for Negotiated Peace in the Middle East
1973 - Artist in residence, Harvard University
1976 - Publishes first book, The Jester And The Kings
1981 - Founder, AICF international Movement Against Starvation
1981 - Creates radio-free Kabul Committee
1982 - Co-founder, European Foundation for Science, Art and Culture
1982 - President, Andrey Sakharov Institute
1984 - Starts SOS Racismу Movement     
1986 - Universite de la Sorbonne devotes a month to Marek Halter and his work, The Book Of Abraham: The Return Of Judaism
1996 - National book award, Toulon
2008 - Publishes The Queen Of Saba

Today we will talk about relations between Russia and the EU, and particularly France, which holds the EU presidency until the end of the year. Bilateral ties were put to test this August during the South Ossetian conflict, when the French president Nicolas Sarkozy played an important mediation role. Did it contribute to better understanding between the sides? Discussing the issue are the Director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, Evgeny Kozhokin, and French novelist and political commentator, Marek Halter, who joins us by satellite-link from Paris.