Russia-Azerbaijan Relations

Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Russia – Polad Byul-Byul Ogly

1945 - Born in Baku
1962 - Graduates, music school
1962 - Begins studies, Azerbaijan State Conservatoire
1982 - Named People's Artist of Azerbaijan
1988 - Minister of Culture, Azerbaijan
1994 - General director, International Organisation on Turkic Culture and Art
1995 - Deputy, Azerbaijani Parliament
2006 - Azerbaijani Ambassador to Russia

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is visiting Azerbaijan, a former Soviet republic, on July 3. It is now one of the main gas exporters to Europe. But why is it so important for Russia? The answer is not just about natural resources, but also historic ties and a key alliance in the Caucasis. The guest to tell us more is Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Russia - Polad Byul-Byul Ogly.