Roman Vilfand, the Head of the Russian Meteorological Centre

Roman Vilfand
Head, Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia

1948 - Born in Kiev
1973 - Graduates, Moscow State University
1973 - Joins Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia
1979 - First expedition to the Pacific and Indian Oceans
1991 - Expert group member, World Meteorological Organisation
2001 - Director, Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia
1983 - Second expedition to the Pacific and Indian Oceans
1984 - Third expedition to the Pacific and Indian Oceans
Roman Vilfand is the one person the public relies on when leaving the house or even going on holiday - he has been the head of the federal service for hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring for more than five years; however, Mr Vilfand has been with the organisation since he graduated from the meteorology and climatology department at Moscow State University. He has taken part in many expeditions, including three at sea, researching monsoon gyration over the Indian Ocean. He has written more then 100 publications on the problems involved with long term weather forecasts, the general circulation of the atmosphere and the application of mathematical statistical methods in meteorology. Mr Vilfand has lectured on the theory and practice of long term weather forecasting, at Moscow State University, for more than 20 years. He is also a member of numerous expert groups within the World Meteorological Organisation and an honorable meteorologist of Russia.
Experts from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have released their latest report to world leaders. More than 2500 scientists from 113 countries say that global warming is on the increase. By the end of the century, the seasons could change dramatically, the polar ice cap may no longer exist and summer heatwaves in Europe will become commonplace. What is the future of our planet and what can we do to prevent irrevocable damage to the environment? Roman Vilfand, the Head of the Russian Meteorological Centre, is on Spotlight to tell us more.